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Thank you for being with us all this while! has impacted thousands of lives, and now we are counting on you to take to the next level.
Out of over a 1000 different companies, we have been selected as one of the finalists in a deeply competitive process where winning might come down to one vote – YOURS. 
MIT has chosen as SOLVE FINALIST ( in their mission to advance tech entrepreneurs to address the world’s most pressing problems. We believe that data thinkers are the key to the future of work and winning MIT SOLVE will allow to play a powerful role in creating data thinkers across the world.
We need YOUR HELP to win this prestigious challenge. You can help us win YOUR VOTE. Please follow the steps below (bullets/screenshot / PDF attachment) to vote for us and help us WIN:
  1. Click
  2. Click on ‘LOG IN TO VOTE’
  3. Login using a social network or your email
  4. Click again on
  5. Click on ‘VOTE NOW’
Thank you again for your continued support. We look forward to winning the SOLVE challenge and make our impact go global.

We know that we can count on you! 

Step 1

Click on the link: 


Step 2

Log in, using your Facebook, Google or Linkedin account. Or sign up using the “Sign Up” form. 

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Step 3

Once you have logged in, you will see the home screen! 

image (2)

Step 4

Copy and paste this link into your address bar:

image (3)

Step 5

Click on “VOTE NOW!” 

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Our MIT Solve Team

Abigail Jones
Business Development Manager, Colaberry, Inc.
Ram Dhan Yadav Katamaraja 
Founder & CEO, Colaberry Inc
Ali Muwwakkil
BI Solutions Architect, Colaberry Inc
Pawan Nandakishore 
Data scientist, Colaberry
Sathwik Vangari 
ML Engineer, Colaberry Inc

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