Job Transitions

Job transitions are hard!


We would know at Colaberry. We have been helping people make transitions for over the last 6 years. From high school graduates to Ph.D. holders. we have helped people achieve their dream job. Some of our fellows have been lifted out of poverty due to their training at Colaberry.


Job transitions teach you to learn. Regardless of the level or type of transition, it becomes important to learn and you need skills to succeed. These skills frequently are not just hard technical skills but some of the most important skills are traditionally called “soft skills.”


The idea of soft skills is a lie.  Soft skills are essential for anyone working in any environment. You do not want to work with those who cannot manage their time, those who cannot problem solve. You want people who are motivated – not just driven by a paycheck. This is what we try to teach at Colaberry. Skills to succeed at what they want to do are critically important but just as important are skills we help them to develop to ensure success throughout their life.


This is not to say that we do not focus on technical skills. As a new wave of technology crashes onto the shores of our lives, things are bound to change. As we drown in buzzwords like AI, business analytics and data science, those of us less fortunate to be born in the wrong postal code will struggle to keep up with the times.


Colaberry’s greatest impact has been to show that there is untapped talent in these communities. We expose them to the most relevant tools – from SQL to data science and we make sure they become data literate so that they can excel in the current job market and meet the demands of automation in the future.


Our story is the story of those whose lives we have touched.

Our story is the story of those who have brought positive changes to their lives and the people around them.

We are not technology driven, we drive technology to help people make a difference in their lives.

We are the people. We are Colaberry.


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