Job Transitions

Job transitions are hard!   We would know at Colaberry. We have been helping people make transitions for over the last 6 years. From high school graduates to Ph.D. holders. we have helped people achieve their dream job. Some of our fellows have been lifted out of poverty due to their training at Colaberry.   […]

The skills of the Future

Who Needs Data & What Is It For? The skills required to function in the workplace are changing. If we look at the prevalence of technology in the workplace even 50 years ago, we would have found that while there were some software tools that people used on a daily basis, it was not necessary […]

Object Detection vs Semantic Segmentation

  Object Detection vs Semantic Segmentation Object detection and semantic segmentation are both ways using which you can identify objects in an image. Well okay, it’s not that trivial. Let me dig into it a bit more. Let’s start by defining what we mean by -”identifying an object” in an image. An Image is a […]

Pose estimation

    What is Pose Estimation?   Pose estimation is the task of estimating the pose of an object. The pose of an object is a collection of coordinates and orientation of the object in the camera’s view. Think of it as the computer being able to recognize not just the object in an image […]

Tumor detection using machine learning

      Today’s ML fact talks about how machine learning, in specific, deep learning helps in detecting tumors. Typically convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are used to detect tumors in MRI images. Two common ways that people use CNN structures are either to build classification models or to use architectures such as U-net and Segnet […]

Vote for !!

Thank you for being with us all this while! has impacted thousands of lives, and now we are counting on you to take to the next level. Out of over a 1000 different companies, we have been selected as one of the finalists in a deeply competitive process where winning might come down […]